Regionalverband Ostwürttemberg

About us

BUND stands for Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (German Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation) and is an independent, federal NGO that has been dedicated to protecting nature and the environment since the mid-1970s.

With over 650,000 members and supporters, 16 state organizations and 2,300 local and regional groups, BUND is one of the largest environmental association in Germany today.

We, BUND Ostwürttemberg, are the regional association responsible for the Ostwürttemberg region.

Mission statement and goals

BUND Ostwürttemberg is independent when it comes to party politics and is funded by local activities and its members - this is why we need you!

BUND sees itself as a driving force in society to push for sustainable development within Germany.

Our vision is to be a future-proof country in a sustainable and peaceful world. This vision aligns with the study “Zukunftsfähiges Deutschland” on which you can find further information here:

  • We advocate the fair use of the global environmental space on the basis of ecological renewal and social justice.
  • We are committed to the preservation and conservative use of the natural resources and of the natural heritage.
  • We make it clear that future viability and sustainability go hand in hand with changing our lifestyle.
  • We are the environmental and nature conservation association that develops long-term solution strategies, identifies environmental and nature conservation goals and shows through the implementation of concrete projects that sustainability can be lived in everyday life in our society.
  • Our political strength and credibility are based on our professional expertise and the commitment of our members and supporters.

We are a:

  • Environmental and nature conservation association committed to sustainable development at local, regional, national and international levels.
  • Member association with democratic decision-making structures at all levels, within which the elected honorary makes the final decisions about the association´s goals, strategies and use of resources.
  • Participatory association whose strength is based on the commitment of many people who, with different ties to the association, can get involved in a wide range of projects and content-related work.
  • Professional association that conveys a high level of competence and continuity in its work through collaboration between full-time and voluntary work.


BUND has been active in the region for over 40 years. 1.600 members and supporters in the Ostalbkreis and the Heidenheim district form a solid basis for our activities.

We differ from local nature conservation groups or temporary citizen´s initiatives in that we are anchored in a broad-based membership association at the state and federal level. BUND is also the German section of Friends of the Earth International.

In autumn 2014 we founded the Um-Welthaus Aalen as a joint project of initiatives from nature conservation, environmental protection, one-world and peace groups. With regular exhibitions, lectures and courses, we bring the activities together in cooperative projects.

Our experience shows: We also have to think beyond boundaries and act in solidarity.

BUND in Baden-Württemberg

BUND in Baden-Württemberg lives through its activities, its projects and actions. They demonstrate great inventiveness, impressive commitment and a wide variety of interests.

Over 90.000 members and supporters, 5.000 volunteers, 100 full-time employees, federal volunteers, graduates of the Voluntary Ecological Year (FÖJ) and interns as well as numerous partners in politics, authorities, municipalities, associations and business make it possible for us to work for nature and can be successfully active in the environment.

BUND nationwide

If you want to become a friend of the earth, BUND is exactly the right place for you. As one of the largest environmental associations in Germany, we bring together around 585.000 people. Together we are committed to nature and environmental protection so that future generations can also rely on the natural resources and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Organization and funding

As a grassroots organization, the strength of BUND lies in the commitment of many people who can contribute through a wide variety of projects and activities.

BUND is a membership association with democratic decision-making structures on all levels. The elected honorary board makes the final decisions for the association on goals, strategies and the use of resources.

BUND is predominantly funded by its own income – primarily through membership fees and donations. BUND is also politically and financially independent. BUND does not accept any financial support from business. While we use public funds for projects, our core work is compeletely independent from state and business money. This gives us a level of political independence which enables us to criticise and campaign against any agent when we consider it necessary.

BUND Kids Group

We also have a kids group as part of our local group in Aalen to embrace and engage younger children in protecting the Earth.

Oftentimes, we do not treat nature well. We cover grass areas and fields with concrete, dump trash in the oceans and poisen our ground. Additionally, we destroy our climate. All of that even though our Earth is so important for us!

We, the Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland e.V. (BUND) are Friends of the Earth and want to protect nature. And we think it is important to start young. So come join us and save the Earth!

Who can participate?

We look forward to welcome you if:

... you are in primary school and between the age 6 to 10,

... you have an interest in nature and the environment around you,

... you enjoy being outside with other kids and go on adventures,

... your parents allow it.

When and where do we meet?

We meet once a month on a Friday afternoon starting at 3PM (exact dates will follow). If not specifically mentioned, please meet us at the Um-Welthaus Aalen on the 4th floor. Here is the address:

Um-Welthaus Aalen

Gmünder Str. 9

73430 Aalen

In case you can not come and miss a session you can call us here:

07361 5559773


BUND Regional Association Ostwürttemberg

Gmünder Str. 9 73430 Aalen E-Mail schreiben Mobil: 07361 5559773